Born and raised in Brazil
Learned to love my country when I left it.


For four years, I lived outside my homeland and learned that the world is even bigger than what we imagine, but people are a lot more similar than what we believe. I learned how to speak Spanish working in a Mexican telenovela, and English eating Southern barbecue and fried chicken in North Carolina. So far, I have explored over 25 countries in four continents — and I think I'm running out of time to visit the rest. Traveling, eating and reporting those experiences are three of my biggest passions. I started my career in TV and film production and pivoted to digital marketing after a few years. For the past three years I have been working as the marketing and community manager for Yelp, growing the community, working with local business owners, promoting the brand, producing content and organizing events of all sizes, from intimate 10 person dinners to 1000 person festivals.


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BEM São Paulo

BEM São Paulo was a large scale marketing promotion to advocate wellness. For two weeks, between August 2016, yelpers and paulistanos had access to promotional combos in restaurants, free classes in gyms and studios, workshops and talks — everything 100% focused in promoting the authentic healthy lifestyle, with no labels or stereotypes. We had 42 local businesses supporting. My favorite event was a yoga class in an electronic nightclub.

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