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Kuma: Japanese Street Food on Jagvej

Living in Nørrebro for the past few months I found myself immersed in a large number of local businesses with a lot of personality. You can find, literally, anything you want in this neighborhood!

One of the main streets is certainly Jagvej, that goes from Nørrebro until Østerbro with many offers or cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, parks and more. Not far from Nørrebro Rundellen, Kuma opened its doors on March 4th.

This cute little place offers Japanese street food, snacks and more for very good prices.


I opted for an Okonomiyaki, which is basically a hybrid between a pancake and an omelet and the word means "what you liked, grilled". Cannot be better than that. <3

They have three different flavors: chicken, bacon and tofu and they are all for 50 DKK.

Chicken Okonomiyaki - 50 DKK

Menu also includes a variety of side dishes such as Chicken Nanban for 35 DKK, chicken wings, many yakitoris, miso soup and more.

Everything was fresh and nice, I just would want the fried chicken to be a bit more juicy next time.

Decor is adorable and simple, service is kind (and speaks English) which makes this a really great place to have lunch.

Kuma CPH Jagtvej 101, 2200 Phone: 31 37 51 01

Hours: Monday till Thursday 11:00 - 21:00

Friday and Saturday 11:00 - 22:00

Sunday: 11:00 - 20:00

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