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ISTID: nitrogen ice cream in Nørrebro

At first a small ice cream stand, now a well known brand with its own location on Jægersborggade.

ISTID means Time for Ice Cream in both Danish and Norwegian.

The business started in 2014, when two young entrepreneurs wanted to make the best ice cream in Copenhagen. After a Kickstarted campaign and an investment from the Danish Shark Tank TV show, you can visit their location and watch a yummy ice cream show.

Their recipe uses (mostly) organic ingredients combined with liquid nitrogen to bring the freshest ice cream around. Liquid nitrogen freezes all the ingredients together avoiding the use of stabilizers and emulsifiers and keeping it natural with a perfect smooth consistency.

Besides that, all ice creams at ISTID are made with coconut milk and vegan.

Their menu shows which flavors ar available on that day, and you can choose between one scoop, two scoops or sundaes. Its also possible to add toppings and they have vegan options for chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Banana & Chocolate Chip and Salty Caramel

On my visit we tried salty caramel and banana and chocolate chip sundaes. I was surprised to see the liquid nitrogen in action. Once the flavored cream is in the bowl mixer she adds the liquid nitrogen slowly and all the smoke comes to place. After a few seconds, they are mixed and ready to eat.

A perfect treat to take around Assistens Kirkegård or on a stroll on Nørrebro Parken.


Jægersborggade 13 København N 2200

Tuesday - Friday: 1 PM - 7 PM

Saturday: 12 PM - 7PM

Sunday: 12PM - 6PM


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