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Your own boat in Copenhagen

No doubt that Copenhagen is a very scenic city. Wherever you go, you will encounter beautiful and colourful houses, green parks and of course loads of water. The city is by the ocean and full of canals.

As a half-tourist, still discovering my way around and finding hidden gems everywhere, I was surprised to learn that you can rent your own boat and get to see the city from a different perspective.

When a friend told me about GoBoat I was really excited. Mostly because I never thought I could command my own boat but specially because the sun is finally shining and I cannot wait to experience a real Danish Summer.

GoBoat (Photo by: Fernanda Secco)

It's amazing to be able to rent a sustainable boat, made from recycled materials and with a eco-friendly engine (yeah, it's slow but you don't want to run anyways...) and just sail around the city by yourself, as you don't need any special license or previous experience.

The process is really simple, you go into GoBoat's website and get a booking. One hour costs DKK399, and it gets cheaper for each hour you add to your reservation.

Christianshavn (Photo by: Fernanda Secco)

All of the boats are docked in Islands Brygge, and upon arrival they teach you how to operate and give you a map to navigate around the canals. They have a wooden table in the middle and can fit up to 8 people. Some of the stops you can see are the Opera House, Christiania, Copenhagen Street Food and more.

You can decide what kind of experience you want to have on your boat. It might be a romantic getaway with your love, a bachelorette/bachelor party, a family picnic or just a hygge time with friends. So get some snacks, snatch a bottle of wine and some beers and get that party started!

GoBoat (Advertising photo)


Islands Brygge 10,

2300 København S. +45 40 26 10 25 info@goboat.dk

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