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La Neta - the real Mexican joint in Nørrebro

La Neta in Mexican slang means "for real", but that wasn't the only thing I learned when I lived there.Taquerias have a soul, is something about the metal Coca-Cola tables, or the tacky decor objects ranging from Santa Muerte figurines to lucha libre masks - well, this place has it all.

Ambiance & Decor (Photo: Rasmus Malmstrøm)

I was longing a true Mexican place in Copenhagen, not only in flavor but also for the home feeling.Looking at the fasade you will picture this place in a small street around Mexico City, maybe in La Roma. It's a perfect mix between authentic and modern/hype.

Fasade (Credits: La Neta)

The menu doesn't disappoint. You can choose from the super tradicional tacos al pastor, with marinated pork meat, served in corn tortillas with pineapple (and you MUST add onions and cilantro) to quesadillas with hongos (mushroom). The flavor is authentic, the meat is well prepared, the salsas are perfectly picante and the micheladas are ice-cold. Absolutely anything you would want from a taquería. They also serve totopos with guacamole and frijoles and all the sauces and toppings are on the side for those not familiar with real Mexican flavor.

The brand is a sucessful chain from Sweden that joined forces with Mikkeler and brought Mexico to Nørrebro.

Prices are more than fair and you can have a real king's meal for less than 150kr/person.

If they ever add chilaquilles to the menu I will live there. s2

La Neta

Nørrebrogade 29, 2200 - København N

31 12 01 05

Mon - Fri 11:30–21:00

Sat - Sun 12:00–21:00

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